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Voice Exercises

Singers in all stages use vocal exercises to “warm-up” the voice and master vocal technique. Apply what you learn about singing by practicing vocal exercises to improve breathing, tone quality, range, and other basic vocal skills.

How to Practice Effectively
Practicing voice is like a knife to the whittler. Learn to do it well or it may hurt you. Start now by applying these six steps.

What is Solfège?
Solfège teaches pitch, to hear harmonies, and more. Maybe you have heard of it through "The Sound of Music," but let's talk about what it really is.

How Much, When, and Where to Practice
Learning to sing takes time, but how much is determined by how efficient your practice sessions are. Grow quickly by learning the practice basics.

Inhalation Exercises
Nine breathing exercises are provided to help you learn to breathe for singing. Most of these exercises can be learned quickly and easily and do not require equipment. The more time you spend on them, the better you will sound.

Vocal Exercises That Mix Registers
Stop cracking vocally by learning to mix your chest and head voice by using at least one of these eight vocal exercises on a daily basis.

My Experiences With Breathing and Toothpaste
Read about my struggle to learn proper technique using breathing exercises.

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